Chocolate: The Ultimate Valentine

It’s that time of year again. Heart shapes are everywhere (even Duncan Donuts has heart shaped donuts) and red and pink color schemes seem to be as common as air. That’s right, it’s… Continue reading

Buffaloberry: Funny Name, But Nothing To Laugh At

What do you think of when you hear “superfruit”? Magical powers? A banana with a cape? Do you know what the word really means? The term was first introduced in 2005 as a… Continue reading

Did The Biggest Loser Lose Too Much?

Over the past few days all of my social media outlets have been buzzing with talk about the most recent winner of the show “The Biggest Loser”, Rachel Fredrickson. Rachel, a 5’4” 24… Continue reading

Healthy Dinners In A Flash

When I finally come home at the end of a long day (i.e. every day) there is nothing I want more than to have a nice meal magically cooked up by some sort… Continue reading

The Best Healthy Eating Apps

Where would we be without technology? Kinda scary to think about. I don’t have a smartphone, but I got an iPad last summer and since then I have become an app junkie. There… Continue reading

Chicago Restaurant Reviews and The Truth About Late Night Eating

I’m back! I feel like this past weekend in Chicago was just one big breath of fresh air. It was so nice to be away from the daily grind, I loved it. I… Continue reading

Superbowl Survival

This weekend I am headed off to Chicago, woohoo! Joseph has a yearly outing for his scholarship there and I am tagging along. We will hit the town, see a few friends, and… Continue reading

Runner Runner

I am almost two weeks into training for the Bayshore Marathon. So far, so good. It feels great to be training again! Whenever I tell people that I am training for a marathon… Continue reading

Body Image Blues

Raise your hand if you have ever been unhappy with your body. Don’t be shy, I am raising mine, I won’t lie. In today’s society it is more often than not that people… Continue reading

10 Nutrients To Boost Your Mood

We’ve made it halfway through the week. Thank goodness! This new semester is hitting me full force. Every day is at least a 12 hour day between classes, work, homework, etc, etc. Carley… Continue reading