Hottest Food Trends in 2014

Welcome to Friday, Folks.


Somehow during my aimless internet searching research I ended up on a site that had forecasted the hottest food trends for 2014. I decided to share them with you all

  1. Locally Sourced Everything: Meat, seafood and produce are top contenders to be locally sourced. Chipotle gets credit for raising awareness of using local ingredients. Panera Bread is also running a “Live consciously, Eat deliciously” campaign that focuses on expanding its local ingredient use. More businesses will be following their lead this year.
  2. Veg Heads: The consumption of non-meat based meals is still on the rise.
  3. Healthy Kids Meals: Parents won’t stop fighting the restaurant business for healthier meal option for their kiddies. Think sides of apples, yogurt and baked fries.
  4.  Going Gluten Free: swearing off gluten for medical reasons or not will continue to gain momentum. 75% of chefs say they plan to cater more towards this niche in 2014. You’ll also see more “super-grains” such as quinoa and amaranth in dishes that once used wheat flour.
  5. Ice Cream: Ice cream may just be the new “it” dessert, taking the place of the cupcake.
  6. Nuts: No no, not losing your sanity, an increased consumption of nuts and seeds for an energy boost. Not only are nuts becoming the most popular snack to have on hand for 77% of American, they are also being incorporated into all three meals.
  7. Gourmet Pizzas: Step aside hot-and-ready’s! Cheap pizzas with low quality ingredients are being traded in for artisan, gourmet counterparts. Upscale pizza restaurants are popping up all over the place (Harmony Brewing Co in GR has my FAVORITE gourmet pizza, the “Good Earth”)
  8. Exotic Meats: Bye-bye chicken, hello catfish, goat and pork belly.
  9.  Upscale Comfort Food: Old favorites will be re-vamped, such as Mac n’ Cheese. The good ol’ taste you love with a modern twist
  10. Mash-up Dishes: Cronut (Croissant-doughut)? Dessert pizzas (cocout-chocolate strawberry toppings)? Burger served on a grilled ramen-noodle bun? Yes, yes and yes.
  11. Umami: The “fifth taste” seems to be popping up in sauces, salts and burgers.
  12. Biscuits: Following the comfort-food bandwagon comes the biscuit. You’ll see some sandwiches and burgers made with these instead of the old trends such as the pretzel or croissant bun.

I know, I know, it’s APRIL for goodness sake, this post should have been done months ago. Yes and no. It might have been a more popular topic earlier in the year, but I think it is kind of cool to look at it now because we can see which ones are shaping out to be true.

I agree with most of them however

  1. I don’t really see ice cream replacing the cupcake (will anything?!?!)
  2. Umami has gained popularity, but I don’t know if I would say it is one of the “Hottest food trends” of 2014
  3. I haven’t really seen the biscuit make an appearance, at least where I am from. Maybe it is more of a Southern thing? Who knows.

The two that are the most revolutionary and promising in my option are the gourmet pizzas and the mash-up dishes. Like I mentioned,I love a certain gourmet pizza from a little brewery in GR, to die for. I have also been seeing unique mash-up restaurants popping up. Just last week I went to the restaurant “Tom and Chee”(check out their website here)  where they make grilled cheese sandwiches… on glazed donuts! I think mash-up are fun, quirky and unexpected.

tom and chee

Which ones do you most agree with? Are there any that you read that you thought “No way will that catch on”?  As always, let me know!