Spring Has Sprung!

Okay, so maybe it hasn’t FULLY sprung, but it has been making a valiant effort!

Pardon my absence; life has gotten the best of me! Only about 1 more month until I am done with my undergraduate studies. Thank goodness!!!!

My insanely busy schedule has gotten me pretty down in the dumps, I won’t lie. Every time I get glum I do my best to think of things I am thankful for. (The amount of times Joseph has told me to “focus on the positives” in the past few weeks has been through the roof, but I love him for it! After all this time my mind still wonders how it is possible for a person to be so level headed.)

What am I thankful for you ask? SPRING! Winter wonder lands are nice around the holidays and all, but after January I am pretty over it (Why do I live in Michigan again?)

Anywhooo, I am SO excited for all of the fresh produce that will be coming into season!

spring produce

Here are some of the items that you can look forward to (I’ve also added some of their wondrous health benefits for an extra little FYI)

  • Strawberries (Good source of fiber, flavonoids that lower CVD risk, Potassium to promote bone health)
  • Asparagus (Good source of fiber, folate, Vitamins A, C, E and K, in addition to being an antioxidant powerhouse)
  • Cherries (have been shown to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness; Bye-bye next day workout aches!)
  • Apricots (Good things come in small packages here, particularly fiber, vitamin C and beta-carotene)
  • Kiwis (These green wonders have more vitamin C than an orange!)
  • Rhubarb (*deep breath* iron, copper, calcium, potassium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, fiber, anti-oxidants… need I say more?)
  • Radishes (You mean besides their gorgeous color? Well, they can help with weight loss by keeping your hunger satisfied)
  • Avocados (85% of the calories come from fat, but it is “good fat”! These green beauties can lower risk of heart disease and help inflammation. While the fats are healthy, you still need to be sure to keep your serving sizes in check; fats have the most calories per gram (9) than the other macronutrients!)

There just so happens to be a strawberry patch about a mile from my house in Grand Rapids. I can’t wait to begin stalking looking for their sign to say “Open For U-Pick”

Here are a few healthy recipes that you can test out with some of the freshly-in-season produce listed above! Not only will your taste buds be happy, your body will be too.


Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

Spring Vegetable Pizza

Chicken and Strawberry Salad

Roasted Corn and Radish Salad with Avocado-Herb Dressing

Seared Chicken With Apricot Sauce

Why did I go so long without blogging? Writing this post instantly brought a smile to my face. J

Note to self: Even though you are busy, make times for the things that make you happy. Your sanity will thank you!