Two One.

I am sad to say that summer is now drawing to a close =[ It is my favorite season by FAR! However, with the end of summer comes the beginning of fall..which means… back to school! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I. Am.A.Nerd. And proud of it. I love learning (Go ahead and laugh at me, it is alright.)

Anywho, because of the whole school-thing I have recently moved back down to East Lansing (Go Green) into my first apartment with the wonderful Carley Kocks. The first day we were there it was my birthday.  Look at the flowers this girl got me! Beautiful just like her. Photo: Birthday flowers from the best friend a girl could ever ask for!

The evening of my Birthday (The big 2-1) Carley, the boyfriend and another friend of ours and I went out for a celebratory drink. Having never really been into the party scene I had NO idea what to order. But what I did know was that drinks can be loaded with sugar and empty calories. I am a person who would rather eat a huge piece of cake than drink a sugary drink. To me, actual solid food is just so much more satisfying. However, it was my birthday so I splurged. Carley ended up ordering me an Amaretto Sour, which tasted sinfully sugary and delish!  (“It’s my birthday I can drink what I want to” Do you think it could be a new re-mix?)

Okay, Okay… enough crappy jokes and stories and back to the topic at hand: Alcoholic drink and nutritional content.

I found this really cool image of the nutrition info of some lighter drinks you might want to consider ordering in place of the ones that are filled with syrup and can cancel out all of the hard work you put into eating right. 

I really don’t think that people think about liquid calories the same way they think about solid foods. . I touched on this in a few previous posts such as Liquid Calories and Sugar Shock, but I think that liquid nutrition is such an important topic to drive home. What a lot of people don’t realize is how many calories, fat, and sugar are contained in their choice of beverages. Which can lead to unexpected weight gain and/or changes in health.

Okay, this image is kind of funny.. Check out the title…

Take the infamous Long Island Ice Tea for instance….780 calories! That is more than what a Big Mac has! So many times people put all of this effort into making healthy food choices and forget that beverages are part of the equation, too.  Here is a good visual to put everything into perspective. 

I feel like I have just been rambling on and on, but I hope you get the point!

To sum up my rant: Be smart about drinking. It can cause a LOT of unwanted things (in addition to weight gain and health problems it can make ya look real dumb…) Everything should be enjoyed in moderation and treats should be just that… a special treat!

What are your favorite go-to drinks that won’t break the diet bank?


*****SIDE NOTE!!!! Please read (Insert puppy-dog eyes here.)

I am the co-fundraising chair for Michigan State University’s Food and Nutrition Association (Also known as FNA). There are 40 of us dietetic students that will be traveling to Texas this fall to attend FNCE, which is the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. If you have ANY sort of fundraising ideas or know of any that have been successful for other groups in the past I would REALLY appreciate the insight! We are all paying for it ourselves so I really want to kick-butt fundraising this year so we can off-set those costs as much as possible. All information would be GREATLY appreciated!

I will get off of my soap-box now.

One more thing that I just have to share. Clara’s Restaurant in Lansing, Michigan has the BEST Spinach, artichoke and drab stuffed portabella mushrooms ever.. if you are in the area you MUST try them. And we sat in a train car to eat. Cool, huh?