BBQ Survival 101

Hello All!

My apologies for the gap in posts due to the holiday weekend. I hope it was fantastic for you all.

I spent some time up-north at the man-friends cottage with his family. Great time, fun people and good food.


We all know the typical foods that are served at backyard bbq’s or family get-togethers are usually not-so-healthy. The key to surviving these occasions without gaining unwanted pounds is to be smart about HOW you eat. It is possible to indulge in moderation (good thing, because I can NOT resist Grandma’s warm rhubarb crunch with vanilla ice cream!)

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble Pizzette with Vanill...

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble Pizzette with Vanilla Ice Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some tips to keep you healthy habits at food-centered gatherings:

Pick one item to indulge on.  Want a hamburger? Forgo the sides with veggies and skimp on dessert. Want a sweet treat? Skip the bun to re-distribute your carbohydrates.

Greek Yogurt! This one is my favorite, I am obsessed. Whenever a recipe calls for mayo, sour cream or any other fat-laden creamy-goodness, simply swap it with plain, non-fat greek yogurt to cut calories and up the protein content.

Go to the veggie tray first. Snack away on these nutrient packed snacks before the meal and you’ll eat less of the other non-so-healthy stuff.

Bring a light dessert. Sugar-free jello with berries and a little lite whipped cream. Angel food cake with pureed fresh strawberries. Using fruit as dessert is a great compromise for your sweet tooth.

Most importantly, don’t get hung up on it if you indulge a bit more than planned. Food should be enjoyed, not become an obsessive burden. My favorite motto: “One bad meal won’t kill a good diet, nor will one good meal make it. It is about the overall diet pattern”

What are the dishes that you just CAN’T pass up? I’d love to hear!