BEETit-Sport is a beet root juice supplement for athletes, targeting mainly endurance athletes. Beetroot is rich in nitric oxide, which is a naturally occurring gas found in most living creatures and is of key importance in the cardiovascular system. This nitrate containing nutrient shot is said to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood and, in turn, improve oxygen utilization, providing a significant boost in stamina and reducing blood pressure.

The supplement contains 0.4g of natural nitrate, 71 calories, 0.2 g fat, 15g carbohydrate, and 2.6g protein. These nutrients come from the only two ingredients in the product: beetroot and lemon juice. It is to be consumed directly from the bottle, with no further preparation, 1-12 hours before exercise or simply as part of a healthy lifestyle.BEETit-Sport

There is a plethora of studies showing the effectiveness of this product. One study, published in The Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism states that nitric oxide levels increased in subjects by 138%, two and a half hours after ingestion along, with a 5% reduction in systolic blood pressure. Another study preformed stated that the spike in nitrate levels resulted in lower resting blood pressure, reduced pulmonary O2 uptake during sub-maximal exercise and also enhanced exercise tolerance or performance.

As you can see, there is a correlation between the levels of nitrate in the body and performance. With minimal safety risks for healthy individuals, such as turning urine a pink color, this is a safe supplement and is not banned by any athletic organizations. However, those with low blood pressure and kidney problems should be cautious due to the blood pressure lowering effects and the high concentration on oxalates.

Overall, this product seems to be a safe and effective choice for athletes. While it is always best to consume nutrients from real foods, this supplement would be a good alternative. Another option would be to make your own nutrient-packed drinks at home by gathering various nitrate dense foods such as spinach, lettuce, and carrots. A juice can be made at home by using a commercial juicer, or by blending the vegetables in a food processor and attaining the juice from the pulp by using a cheese cloth.


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